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I've a problem successfully performing the C-M-\ combination on my azerty keyboard.

The main issue is that to hit \ I need to hold down alt gr, and this seems to mess up the whole thing. I'd be interested to know what's the classical answer to this problem, if there's one that's not 'rebind the command'

And other azerty related tips would interest me too.

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Usually the answer is to type ESC C-\ (all M-foo bindings can be reached by hitting ESC foo instead), which is usually a bit easier, tho depending on your keyboard it can still be tricky.

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that works. Thanks a lot. –  m09 Oct 7 '12 at 1:22

Did you try AltGr RCtrl Alt _?

From EmacsWiki.org:

The trick is that you must type AltGr as the first key, and Ctrl must be the right control key, not the left one.

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Seems not to work for C-M-\, it just does a C-\. It's already a progress though. Thanks! –  m09 Oct 6 '12 at 21:35

I rebind most of those key bindings, but I have no problem if I hold the AltGr key before the Ctrl-Alt-\ (using the other Alt) That said, I use a bépo keyboard, not an Azerty one (but there are similar problem)

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