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i'm developing a WPF application which use

Process.Start("cmd", "/k ...");


Process.Start("cmd", "/c ...");

to execute some commands throw the command line. is it possible to get a notification when the command line command is executed and the cmd is "free" again?

its because i need to execute some more command, but i need to execute each command after the other.

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I'm not sure what you need cmd here for. If you want to run one command after another, then just execute them one after another directly. You can give Process.Start programs to execute and batch files too. If you need a shell built-in such as dir then you can use cmd /c of course, but cmd /k running in the background seems rather unnecessary to me.

In any case, Process.Start returns a Process object which has a handy method WaitForExit. So if you don't start a program that runs indefinitely, as cmd /k then you can use that to figure out when the command finished.

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thx, with your post i solved it –  gurehbgui Oct 6 '12 at 16:47

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