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I was creating an app using my question is when user opens multiple tabs in same browser it will create new session id []. How can i carry same session id in all the tabs?

I went through few posts like in these post danielbaulig its using express session, but how will these post help me to carry same session id across all the tabs in a browser?

And the above mentioned post is out dated, can you please solve these?

Thank you..

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You should check out, a very simple micro-framework for express and It handles express and sessions automatically.

npm install

Check out the session support example here:

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Pure awesomeness! – Nimrod Yonatan Ben-Nes Apr 4 '13 at 12:02
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Answering my own question;

2 posts below helped me to resolve the issue. if you are facing same issue then links below might help you.

Manage multiple tabs (but same user) in

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You can try this module

It allows you to shared cookie-based session data between express and (and viceversa).

So, even if every tab socket has different id they'll be sharing the session data based on the coookie every tab shares for being the same HTTP agent.

It works for express >4.0 and >1.0

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