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I have a field (string) in DB that stores a list of values gotten from checkbox if they are checked:


checkbox1 [X] //Value 1
checkbox2 [ ] //Value 2
checkbox3 [X] //Value 3
checkbox4 [X] //Value 4
checkbox5 [ ] //Value 5

It stores in database the string "--- -'1' -'3' -'4'" (w/o the double quotes) I don't know why because in my form I have:

<%  SoProfile::LANGUAGES.each do |key, value| %>
  <div class="fluid">
    <%= f.label :languages,class: "checkbox" do %>
      <%= key %> <%= f.check_box :languages, {:multiple => true}, value, nil %>
    <% end %>
<% end %>

in the model (I don't want to use a DB table for this):

LANGUAGES = { Espanol: 1, Ingles: 2, Portugues: 3, Italiano: 4, Mandarin: 5 }

anyways, it stores that string "--- -'1' -'3' -'4'" for the example above, I want to show a country flag according to the language instead of putting the language name.

I've created a helper method for this:

def insert_languages(string)
  string.scan(/\d/).each do |i|
    case i
      when i == "1"
        content_tag(:div,"",class: 'flag flag-co')

that is called in my view:

  <td>Idiomas <br /> 
    <%= insert_languages(@so_profile.languages) %>                                                                                   

But the helper method won't pass from .scan and will print out the hash ["1" "3" "4"] directly, it is, it never reaches the case code, like if there were a return in the string.scan(.. line of code.

How can I prevent rails from returning the hash and instead print the flag?

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Try changing your method to following:

def insert_languages(string)
  result = ""
  string.scan(/\d/).each do |i|
    case i
      when "1"
        result += content_tag(:div,"",class: 'flag flag-co')

You're getting hash since ruby returns values from .each block. Ruby returns last value from function implicitly. About your storing method - I suggest you reconsider your storage method. In mongoid, for example, you can use arrays. For active record something like that could solve your problem.

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Vadim, it kinda did the trick, but now it's printing html code in the view (not interpreting it). Thanks a lot, is it much if I ask you to help me a little more with it and make it interpret the html instead de show the code into the view? – JGonzalezD Oct 6 '12 at 18:00
Dude! It's done. I added html_safe to the result variable at the end and it worked. Thank you so much. – JGonzalezD Oct 6 '12 at 18:03
@JGonzalezD right, totally forgotten about html_safe. Glad I could help, dude :) – Vadim Chumel Oct 6 '12 at 18:14

The each iterator doesn't return more than one value. If no return is explicitly declared, it will return the last object accessed in the method, which in this case is string.scan(/\d/). You can change .each to .map, which will return an array of content_tags, which would would iterate over in the view:

<% insert_languages(@so_profile.languages).each do |lang| %>
    <%= lang %>
<% end %>
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