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I created a database with Visual Studio 2008 and I have a file in c:\data.mdf how I can use it on another computer?

I can't use this database, I installed SQL Server Express 2005 - that install is on the first machine.

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To move a database from one location to another,

you need to

1. Detach from your source database server: Since you are using Visual Studio 2008 on your source machine, go to Server Explorer - Right click on Databases - Click on Detach.

2. Copy MDF & LDF file to target machine

3. Attach MDF file to your destination database server: Repeat step 1 on target machine's SQL Server, and Instead of Detach - Choose Attach and select the relevant MDF file.

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You do not access an mdf file directly, you always go through the server.

To 'tell' Sql Server about the database:

Goto the Object Explorer window.
Right click Databases.
Select Attach...
Then Add...
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