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Is there a way to capture the warnings, something like rescue for exceptions? I do not want to simply disable the warnings (by doing $VERBOSE = nil) but want to capture the content of the warning messages during run time.

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You can redirect stderr to a StringIO object to capture the warnings output in a string:

require 'stringio'

old_stderr = $stderr
$stderr = StringIO.new
Foo = 1
Foo = 2 # generates a warning
puts $stderr.string # prints the warning
$stderr = old_stderr
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This is kinda ugly because you will be writing to files and you might not have permission to write to them, and it will hide ALL output to $stderr, not just the warnings, but it works:

MyConst = 4
MyConst = 5   # generates a warning on the standard error output
puts "The following errors happened:"
puts File.read("errors.txt")
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Can it be redirected to some Ruby internal IO rather than an external file? –  sawa Oct 6 '12 at 17:48
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