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I'm currently using an iFrame widget on my Moonfuit website for a submission form from TrafficWave. The form redirects properly however, does NOT expand to the full screen to accommodate the redirect url but is only as big as the iFrame widget.

I have experimented with other html submission forms and found that JotForm redirects and expands the iFrame properly. I would use JotForm but they do not use an auto-responder nor can I connect them to an outside A/R of my choice.

I have the code for both forms if you need to compare them. Thanks in advance for sharing any insight you may have on this issue. :0)


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Please post the code of the form you'd like to use. – Markus Unterwaditzer Oct 6 '12 at 17:49

To make iframe big as the target url html document you need to tell the page that contains the iFrame the size of the content, then you can resize the iFrame. I faced a similar problem, I suggest you to use this plugin :

postMessage plugin

here there's an example specific for your case :

I frame resize

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