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I'm converting a .rst document to .tex with pandoc and I would like to modify variables, such as $date in the .rst document. I'm using:

My doc title

:Date: October

My first title


The variable is indeed overridden, but using field lists like this generates a definition section in the resulting LaTeX document:

\title{My doc title}



This empty description makes LaTeX compilation fail. When I don't use field lists, it disappears.

How can I avoid this description section while using field lists in my RST document?

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This is a bug in pandoc, which I just fixed. (The fix will be in the next release, but if you need it now, you can compile the development version: see here for instructions.)

Note also that pandoc currently only recognizes author, title, and date as metadata fields. If you're expecting other fields to set template variables, you'll be disappointed.

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Thank you. I might write to you regarding other bugs/features (or do you actually like it if I ask here?) – ℝaphink Oct 7 '12 at 8:35

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