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How do I receive notification from UIImagePickerController that a Photo has been touched?

I am using a SVProgresHUD which is best stopped in imagePickerController: didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: but where to start it?

What I need is is another delegate function notifying the app that the user has touched the photo of choice, so that the HUD can be started.

The UIImagePickerController using iPhone Photo Library is started from the main thread in my findPhotoAction: This is the last place in my code that I could start the ProgressHUD. It is wrong to start the HUD at that point. The user clicks through the following before actually touching the desired photo (which is the proper place to launch the ProgressHUD.

  Camera Roll item in picker's UITableView
  Touch Desired Photo

Can you please suggest a solution? Do I need a custom UIPickerController?

Thanks very much, Mark

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I found everything I needed from Ray Wenderlich

Thanks for reading.

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