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I would like my ExpandableListView to automatically scroll when the user expands a group, so that the expanded group header is at the top of the screen. I've tried smoothScrollToPosition, but this merely ensures the expanded group is visible somewhere on the screen. I would like to explicitly scroll it so the expanded group is at the top, like in this example:

Before expanding Group 3:                After expanding Group 3:

+=================+                      +=================+
| Group 1         |                      | Group 3         |
+-----------------+                      +-----------------+
| Group 2         |                      |   Grp 3 Child 1 |
+-----------------+                      +-----------------+
| Group 3         |                      |   Grp 3 Child 2 |
+-----------------+                      +-----------------+
| Group 4         |                      | Group 4         |
+=================+                      +=================+
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this will scroll to the selected item, call this when u click on the group item.

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Seems to do what I want.. –  jon4939 Oct 6 '12 at 23:28
It it possible to achive the same but with the smooth scrolling anuimation? –  FireFly3000 Jul 18 '14 at 16:22
Maybe this could help you to achieve smoothscrolling stackoverflow.com/a/7929080/839632 (but you probably need to calculate the height for every item on the list) –  Lars Werkman Aug 19 '14 at 13:16
This works, but without animation! –  jimmy0251 Apr 23 at 8:06

Add this attribute android:transcriptMode="disabled" to your ExpandibleListView tag from xml. This should work.

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Setting android:transcriptMode="disabled"to my ExpandibleListView worked for me too. With the parameter set to "normal", no one method works (setSelectedGroup, setSelectionFromTop, etc).

Only setSmoothScroll works, but don't like the effect.

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The following code is a solution that worked for me

public boolean onGroupClick(ExpandableListView parent, View v,int groupPosition, long id) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    //mExpandableList.setSelectionFromTop(groupPosition, 0);

Boolean shouldExpand = (!mExpandableList.isGroupExpanded(groupPosition));        

    if (shouldExpand){
        mExpandableList.setSelectionFromTop(groupPosition, 0);
    lastClickedPosition = groupPosition;
    return true;        
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This worked for me. Put it in your adapter:

public void onGroupExpanded(final int groupPosition) {

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The below code works for me.Hope it will helps.Implements the OnGroupExpandListener within onGroupExpand use the below code

public void onGroupExpand(final int groupPosition) {

expandableListView.post(new Runnable() {

    public void run() {
                new Rect(0, 0, expandableListView.getChildAt(groupPosition).getRight(), expandableListView.getChildAt(groupPosition).getHeight()), false);


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