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I have a strange problem.

In my code, I've this lines :

var theId = operation.records[0].get('id');
console.log("theId: " + theId); // print 4 in firebug
var index = gridStore.find('id', theId);
console.log("index: " + index); // print 3 in firebug

if (index != -1) {

The selection doesn't work !

Now, if I change :

var theId = operation.records[0].get('id');


var theId = 4;

... the selection works

and :

console.log("theId: " + theId);

print 4 in firebug

console.log("index: " + index);

print 3 in firebug

Why ? the content of theId is always 4 and the content of index is always 3 !!!

Any idea ?



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I forgot to say that I have a selectionchange event on my grid in the controller :

gridSelectionChange: function(grid, records) {

    if (records[0]) {

If I remove this, all works fine... but my bind formpanel is not updated. So I need it.


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Can paste the full code to pastebin or a gist? It would be good to see the grid configuration, and where you are executing this code. I don't see how this function could have an effect on the select method but maybe something in the config has. –  Jamie Sutherland Oct 7 '12 at 20:42

You'll find my controller at http://pastebin.com/KAV29i9q

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