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I have a ListView control, I want to edit the InsertItem Template to include a Dropdownlist Item which contains a list of users in Membership Directory.

I tried this:

    MembershipUserCollection users = Membership.GetAllUsers();

    assigned_volunteerDropDownBox.DataSource = users;

The biggsest issue is that it says assigned_volunteerDropDownBox does not exist in the current context... In fact none of the TextBox items on the insert template are in the current context (is this normal)?

How would I go about doing this? I want to be able to only allow the row to be updated with valid usernames.

I looked at this, but it doesn't actually contain the code to DataBind to the DropDownList item.

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You could access the assigned_volunteerDropDownBox from code behind; but it's probably easier to do the binding from the drop down control itself. Create a property to bind to:

// lazy-loaded property
public MembershipUserCollection UsersCollection
        if (_usersCollection == null)
            _usersCollection = Membership.GetAllUsers();
        return _usersCollection;
MembershipUserCollection _usersCollection;

Then use DataSource on the DropDownList:

<asp:DropDownList RunAt="Server" DataSource=<%# UsersCollection %> ID="assigned_volunteerDropDownBox" />
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Works beautifully! Thank you so much. –  Ray Suelzer Oct 6 '12 at 22:46

You need to use FindControl to find controls in a template.

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Good to know! Still learning here. I appreciate the tips and patience. –  Ray Suelzer Oct 6 '12 at 22:46

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