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I have rolled a Gerrit instance for my organization, got LDAP authentication going, and have imported some working copies of Android, manually. Cool.

The working copies do not include references to the upstream (remote) branches, however. For a given project, say frameworks/base, what I'd hope to achieve is:

git branch -r  
# See Google branches
git rebase # to a Google branch.
git push # back to my Gerrit instance.

How do I ensure that my local git repos are aware of the upstream projects, as above? Do I need to mirror the AOSP content, locally?

I have tried reading some documentation, and also simply adding a remote delcation for Google to my manifest xml. Push replication is covered widely, but this is not my use case, as I want to track remote branches, not push my local changes back up to them.

Thank you!

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As far as I know, most teams use a script which will pull down the Google version of Android and push it directly to their Gerrit servers, bypassing review. There is no setting in the manifest xml file which can help with this.

Some Android shops want to use a different namespace for the upstream branches and tags. For example, rather than master and froyo branches and the android-4.1.1_r6 tag, they might prefix everything with external - external/master, external/froyo, and external/android-4.1.1_r6.

Other shops prefix their internal branches and tags in a similar fashion.

Your script to do this work will look similar to this (untested). First set up a local repo clone from upstream using the --mirror option.

# this only needs to be ran once, or for any new repositories added to repo:
repo forall -c \
  'git remote add local_server ssh://path/to/local/gerrit:29418/$REPO_PROJECT'

# fetch changes
repo forall -c 'git fetch'

# push to your local Gerrit server
repo forall -c 'git push local_server refs/*:refs/external/*'

You can, of course, use a cron job to automate this script. Once this is in place, when developers run git branch -r they will see the origin/external/blah branches from upstream and can rebase based on those branches.

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