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Im new to JMeter and have just created a test plan using the proxy server.

The test plan covers a fairly long user journey on a web app with a lot of pages, images, scripts and css being requested, because of this when I run the test plan and view the results in a listener such as the 'View Results Tree' the sampler list is very long and if I try and use a graph there are so many results its hard to make out individual values.

Is there a way in JMeter where I could group all the requests related to a page under that page and only have to page name display in the listener but still have the ability to drill into an individual page and see the details for each sample?


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For this you can use TransactionController:

Read Include duration of timer and pre-post processors in generated sample definition to select what response time you want to have.

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Brilliant, exactly what I was looking for, thanks. –  user1725729 Oct 7 '12 at 8:52
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I agree with PMD, Transaction controller is exactly what you need.
You can achieve that automatically (while you're saving your test) if you enable jMeter proxy's option Put each group in a new transaction controller.

A couple of more details (about jMeter Plugins' listeners I regularly use) here:
Define a group of requests in order to obtain a total time in Jmeter

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You can use the tool BADBOY tool to record your test and there you can easily bifurcate/ remove the unwanted content. From BADBOY you can directly Export the recorded script to JMeter by simply from

File menu>>Exort To JMeter

This is what currently we are following and is a bit easy to use.

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