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I'm having trouble having the root url route to a signed in user's profile page.

This is my config file-

 get "profiles/show"

resources :players

devise_for :users

devise_scope :user do 
 get 'register', to: "devise/registrations#new", as: :register
 get 'login',    to: "devise/sessions#new", as: :login
 get 'logout',   to: "devise/sessions#destroy", as: :logout

resources :logistics

resources :notes

root :to => 'notes#index'

get '/:id', to: 'profiles#show'

I want that 'root to' to show the 'profiles#show' view. Just as the get '/:id' route does right below it.

I've tried and researched what I thought would work to no avail. Thanks for your help on this.

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Follow the instructions here.

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of course, thank you! – Tmacram Oct 6 '12 at 21:07
no problem, good luck! – Abram Oct 6 '12 at 21:08

Hey try something like

match "/:id" => "profiles#show"
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hmm, I'm not sure I'm asking the question correctly. I want when users sign in to be redirected to instead of the root as it currently stands. Can I just move that get ':id', to profiles#show inside of the devise scope? – Tmacram Oct 6 '12 at 21:05

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