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I'm currently developing server side to Application, in the App I have a lot of interest point in big area (over 1000 points) and I want to find the nearest points to user device. I've try to used:


from the libary:


example query:

  from point in db.Points
  where ((new GeoCoordinate(point.lat,point.lng)).GetDistanceTo(new GeoCoordinate(coordinates[0],coordinates[1]))<1000)) 
  select point

but in the Linq Query it's not supported and if I try to use it on a List<> or an Array it takes too long...

How can I do it better and faster? Thanks

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Can you add more code and context please? What LINQ query? Where's this GetDistanceTo method defined? The more info you provide, the greater the chance of getting an answer. –  Michael Oct 6 '12 at 20:50
I've added mpre info.. hope it helps –  ItayM Oct 6 '12 at 20:59
You should really have a look to Space Partitioning and Locality sensitive hashing. Sadly I don't have material at hand, but a search with the term "K-Nearest neighbor search" should get you started. –  Theraot Oct 6 '12 at 21:47

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I assume that you are performing this computation often, otherwise iterating over a thousand points should not take a large amount of time - certainly under a second.

Consider caching the points in memory as GeoCoordinates, since I am guessing the bulk of the time may be spent allocating memory and instantiating the objects, rather than computing the distance. From the existing list of GeoCoordinates, you could then do a computation against an existing Geocoordinate that is already instantiated.

Ex: On the application load, store all points into memory, possibly on a background thread.

List<GeoCoordinate> points = from point in db.Points select new GeoCoordinate(point.lat, point.lng);

Then, take your point you are trying to search and loop over points

var gcSearch = new GeoCoordinate(coordinates[0], coordinates[1]);
var searchDistance = 1000;
var results = from pSearch in points 
              where pSearch.GetDistanceTo(gcSearch) < searchDistance
              select pSearch;

Iif that still isn't fast enough, consider caching the last searched point and returing a known list if the new search is within the same bounds.

// in class definition
static GeoCoordinate lastSearchedPoint = null;
static List<GeoCoordinate> lastSearchedResults = null
const searchFudgeDistance = 100;

//in search method
var gcSearch = new GeoCoordinate(coordinates[0], coordinates[1]);
if (lastSearchedPoint != null && gcSearch.GetDistanceTo(lastSearchedPoint) < searchFudgeDistance)
    return lastSearchedResults;
lastSearchedPoint = gcSearch;

var searchDistance = 1000;
var results = from pSearch in points 
              where pSearch.GetDistanceTo(gcSearch) < searchDistance
              select pSearch;
//store the results for future searches
lastSearchedResults = results;
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