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How can I print the response headers to console and save the response content to a file?

I tried

http GET --output

But this printed both the headers and content to the file, making it nonsense.

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It is possible in an updated version, the --output option will print the output into a file, and the --download option will make sure that the headers are print to the console, and only the content to the output file.

Here is an example:

http GET "" --download --output bla.txt
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This is what HTTPie does by default:

So, the output depends on where it is being printed to. You can overwrite the default context-sensitive behaviour with one of the output options. For example, the following saves the headers as well as the body to a file:

http --output --print=hb 

HTTPie currently doesn't allow outputing binary data to the terminal.

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It's not possible. Reported issue

Update 2013: Fixed. Try

http -h --download
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