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This code:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int j_btree_create (int fn_initial_nodes);

typedef struct {
    int depth;
    int value;
    void *item;
    void *left_pointer;
    void *right_pointer;
} j_btree_node_int;

typedef struct {
    int nodes;
    int available_nodes;
    int btree_extension;
} j_btree_descriptor_int;

int j_btree_create (int fn_initial_nodes) {
    int *free_btree_node;
    int loop_counter;
    j_btree_descriptor_int *btree_start;

    btree_start = (j_btree_descriptor_int *) malloc (((sizeof(j_btree_node_int) + sizeof(free_btree_node)) * fn_initial_nodes) + sizeof(j_btree_descriptor_int));
    printf ("btree_start: " . btree_start);
    /* *btree_start.nodes = fn_initial_nodes;
    *btree_start.available_nodes = fn_initial_nodes;
    *btree_start.extension = NULL; */
    for (loop_counter = 0; loop_counter < fn_initial_nodes; loop_counter++) {
        printf ("loop_test:" . loop_counter);

Produces this error:

/home/jamie/aws/btree_int.c||In function ‘j_btree_create’:| /home/jamie/aws/btree_int.c|28|error: request for member ‘btree_start’ in something not a structure or union| /home/jamie/aws/btree_int.c|33|error: request for member ‘loop_counter’ in something not a structure or union| ||=== Build finished: 2 errors, 0 warnings ===|

When compiled with CodeBlocks. I have not managed to find an exact answer to my problem (I have looked), does anyone know roughly what I am doing wrong? Probably more than one thing given I am fairly new to C.

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printf ("btree_start: " . btree_start);

This is not how the things are done in c. There's no . concatenation operator and you do not concatenate strings (pointers to characters) and pointers to structures. If you want to print out the pointer, it's

printf("btree_start: %p\n",btree_start);

For the loop counter it's

printf("loop_test: %d",loop_counter);
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PHP developer just got sussed! Thanks Michael. – jatos Oct 6 '12 at 22:08

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