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I'm breaking my head, with this. I do not understand why the below IF statement is not working

if [[ $# -eq 4 ]]; then
if [[ $renameOption != "-rs" ]] || [[ $renameOption != "-rb" ]]; then
    echo -e "\tArgument three needs to be '-rs' or '-rb'"
    echo -e "\tNow exiting script"
echo "Good to go"

I know the syntax is right, but what I noticed is that the system does not recognize the OR || expression in the second IF. When using a single expression, it works fine, But I need to compare with two expressions, therefore the OR ||.

I'm running OSX Lion 10.7.4

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for your error message to make sense you should use "&&" operator, not "||", and take it into "[[ ]]" block, like "[[ a && b ]]" –  bobah Oct 6 '12 at 21:36
Thanks, was a little confused. && is the right operator –  JGeZau Oct 6 '12 at 21:44

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Does it even make sense? $renameOption is always not equal to either of those two. You probably wanted &&.

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ah menso, that is right, I guess I'm frustrated that I'm not thinking right...I need a coffee break :) ... thanks –  JGeZau Oct 6 '12 at 21:28

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