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In a repository that was created in Ubuntu Linux and compiled under OpenJDK 6, when implementing LocationListener and SensorListener, adding the @Override tag above the inherited methods compiles fine.

But when the repo is cloned onto a Windows system with Oracle Java, some of the @Override generates errors. Example below: The method onAccuracyChanged(Sensor, int) of type ExpeditionActivity must override a superclass method

It seems that this error occurs only when you add @Override above a method that is inherited from implementing an interface. Adding @Override above a method inherited from a base class does not generate the error. This actually makes sense, because you are actually overriding the logic of the original method.

SO, is it syactically correct to write @Override above inherited interface methods?

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In Java 1.5 you can use @Override to mark methods that are overriding super class methods. Since Java 1.6 you can mark methods with it that are implementing an interface, too. –  stefanglase Oct 6 '12 at 22:49

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@Override is limited to base class methods in JDK 5.

JDK 6 introduced the ability to apply @Override to interface methods.

Eclipse must be set to use JDK6/JDK6 language level to use @Override on interface methods.

To answer your question, "yes, if you're compiling under JDK 6+".

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Thanks for the insight. I'm actually glad I encountered this error. It made me think about the differences between implementing an inherited abstract method and superseding a base class method. –  Some Noob Student Oct 8 '12 at 20:32

I'm getting it sometimes. Not quite sure what the reasons for it are.

A few ways I found of fixing it. Maybe some of them would work for you

  • Sometimes it helps simply deleting the method decleration and rewriting it.
  • Make sure the parameters and return value are correct. For example, in Andrdid, when you extend AsyncTask you give the extended class 3 parameters, based on these paratmeters you need to override the methods with the correct parameters and return value.
  • If the method are required for the interface/base class, try deleting the method. An error would appear under the interface/base class. Put your mouse cursor on it and select Add Unimplemented methods this would make eclipse add these methods and you would have to re-fill the body, but the error would disapper.

I do believe this is an Eclipse error, because removing the @Override annotation doesn't affect the code, the code compiles and runs correctly.

Good luck

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