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Does anyone have an idea why I might receive this error:

Error in automdl && is.null(arima) : invalid 'x' type in 'x && y'

When attempting to run the second example in the R package x12?

x12out <- x12(AirPassengers,x12path="c:\\x12arima\\x12a.exe",transform="auto",

Running the first example with the fulling specified ARIMA works.

x12out <- x12(AirPassengers,x12path="c:\\x12arima\\x12a.exe",transform="auto",

Clearly the "automdl" is choking for some reason?

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Try automdl = TRUE, without the quotes. –  flodel Oct 6 '12 at 23:18

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The error message

Error in automdl && is.null(arima) : invalid 'x' type in 'x && y'

is helpful. It shows that when R tried to run x && y, it found that x had an invalid type. It also tells us that x here is automdl. && being a logical operator, automdl should be a logical: TRUE or FALSE.

You made a mistake when setting automdl to "TRUE" (a character); it should be TRUE (a logical).

(I would also agree the function's documentation is confusing.)

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Awesome. Thanks. Its always the little things that trip me up. TRUE no quotes worked. –  tjbrooks Oct 7 '12 at 1:01

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