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I'm using Matt Kersley responsive menu script but it only seems to work 2 levels deep. Any menu links which are nested more that 2 unordered lists deep will not display at all. (resize the browser window to see the responsive functionality)

Any clues on what's preventing the level 3 links from displaying in the mobile drop-down?

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Please choose a descriptive title for your question. – Vohuman Oct 6 '12 at 23:25

After having a look over the plugin code, there is no indication that it is designed to go deeper that 2 levels. There's no recursion to generate unlimited nesting levels inside the select, just for the immediate children li of the main list (in the createSelect() function) and any second level children (in the createOptionGroup() function).

The actual demo from his site which has lists 3 levels deep only shows 2 levels inside the select:

You might want to report this issue on the plugins GitHub issue tracker:

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thanks for your reply. i did indeed see that his own demo only works 2 levels deep. I just though (I'm not that good at JS/JQuery myself) there was an "easyfix"-solution/extend functionality before I bother the author =) – Bloodymary Oct 7 '12 at 12:05

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