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My problem occurs when i try to pass 3 variables to my template tag which i guess takes one or 2 inputs.So any ideas on how to pass 3 template variables to my template tag and here is my code:


from shoghlanah.models import *

register = template.Library()

def get_messages(sender_id,receiver_id,task_id):
    sender = UserProfile.objects.get(id = sender_id)
    receiver =UserProfile.objects.get(id = receiver_id)
    task = Task.objects.get(id=task_id)
    return messages

message.html :

the url.id and the task_id are template variables

{{ get_messages request.user.id usr.id task_id }}

it gives me an error : Could not parse the remainder: ' request.user.id usr.id task_id' from 'get_messages request.user.id usr.id task_id'

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For a django tag, you need to use {% %}, not the double curly brackets. The double braces signify outputting a value.

See the docs for more.

(Just as a note, I presume that is an extract, but you will also need to {% load %} your tag too.)

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Thanks Lattyware :) it worked –  Karim Tarek Oct 6 '12 at 23:43

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