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I have a project that uses Boost.Python and SFML. Many of my objects expose SFML types and, in the interest of not reproducing the wheel, I would like to return objects from my own bindings that are wrapped by SFML's Python bindings. For example, I have this class:

class MyThing
    sf::Image& image() { return _image; }

    sf::Image _image;

Bindings look like this:

    .add_property("image", make_function(&MyThing::image, return_internal_reference<1>()))

Of course, actually trying to access the mything.image from Python yields TypeError: No Python class registered for C++ class sf::Image, since Boost.Python's conversion registry doesn't know about sf::Image (SFML's Python bindings are done with Cython).

Is there any way to tell the Boost.Python conversion registry to wrap sf::Image types with ones from SFML's Python bindings?

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I'm not familiar with SFML but you could try and write a to_python converter for the sf::image type, and in that use SFML to create a python sf::image instance. –  babak Oct 9 '12 at 15:30
I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution to this? –  Michael Koval Mar 31 at 2:50
@MichaelKoval: No. My "solution" was to use Cython, which was pretty inconvenient. –  Travis Gockel Mar 31 at 23:35

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