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I Just need to create table from a user to any user under the same DB. letz consider 3 Schemas.

Schema_1,Schema_2 and Schema_3.

schema 1 had DBA Privilege.

Is it possible to table in SChema_2 or Schema_3 from Schema_1????

or we need to give this role "CREATE ANY TABLE" also ??

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The DBA role should have this privilege in a typical installation - you can see other roles/users who have this by:

*select grantee from dba_sys_privs where privilege = 'CREATE ANY TABLE'*

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As @dpbradly states, Oracle "out of the box" privileges for the DBA role include the 'CREATE ANY TABLE' privilege. You can check this out with the following query (and see all the system privileges granted to this role as well):


The Oracle data dictionary is your friend.

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