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in youtube, html5 can be enabled by join the html5 trial through this page: http://www.youtube.com/html5, which will save a cookie on firefox

however, TBB(tor browser bundle, which is a modified firefox) will delete all cookies when it is closed and the next time if I want to open html5 videos, I need to re-join the html5 trial again mannually,

are there any solution which can save the html5 cookies in a modified firefox or make TBB have html5 cookies through scripts after it is opened? since I want to repeat opening html5 videos on TBB, I dont want to mannually "join the html5 trial" every time

someone said that HTML5 can be enabled by setting a single cookie, "PREF", to "f1=10000000&f2=40000000".

is there any script for that


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