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So I'm trying to write a temp way to login to the admin panel using an if else statement while I read up on PDO. If someone could tell me where the error lies here it would be much appreciated.

I've updated my code after looking around a little bit, but I still have the issue of nothing showing up where my code belongs and pulling the information it should.

        $admin    = $_SESSION['admin_login'];
            die('Could not Connect' .mysql_error());
        mysql_select_db($webdb, $con);
            $result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM permissions WHERE username= '$admin' ");
            $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
            if ($row['permissions']=="3")
                    echo 'Admin Panel';
                elseif ($row['permissions']=="1")
                    echo 'include acp_error.php';


Is what I've updated to; Does anyone see any issue here?

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mysql_query returns a statement HANDLE, not the value(s)/row(s) you're trying to select. YOu need to FETCH a row of data to be able to get the values you need to compare.

$result = mysql_query(...) or die(mysql_error());
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
if ($row['somefield'] == 3) { 

Please note that things like


are pointless cargo-cult programming. A simple


is all that's needed for such things. There is not point in creating a new string, whose sole contents are the contents of a variable - just use the variable itself.

As well, note that you're vulnerable to SQL injection via that $_SESSION value you're using in the query. If that's a text value, and contains user-supplied data, your server is trivial to pwn.

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Thanks for the input. I thought that the variable had to be held inside a new string. Would that possibly be the cause of load lag at times? And also thanks for the input on the SQL injection; this here isn't any user supplied data it's all server supplied. Any time I use user supplied data I place all the strings into variables and use the mysqli real escape string Now at least! –  Morgan Green Oct 7 '12 at 1:22

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