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For some reason I have difficulty removing escape characters in Metro.

An example:

Document = Document.Replace(@"\t", " ")
                   .Replace(@"\n", " ")
                   .Replace(@"\r", " ")
                   .Replace(@"\v", " ");

That does not do anything.

The sample string: "public static int main()\v{\v\t\v}\r"

Also .Replace(@'\', ' ') does not work as well.

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Remove your "@" symbols. You don't want to search for a backslash followed by a t. You want to search for a tab: "\t", not @"\t".

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Thanks a bunch will make answer in 4 min –  Robert Gawdzik Oct 7 '12 at 2:44

Try this: Regex.Replace (inputString, @"[\t\v\r\n]+", "\x20").Trim ()

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