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I used datepicker plugin to build a custom selector that only gives me the option between the two semesters in a year. It has to be either January-June or July-December.

$(document).ready(function() {
$( "#semester" ).datepicker({
    stepMonths: 6,
    nextText: "Next semester",
    prevText: "Previous semester",
    monthNames: ["January - June", "", "", "", "", "", "July - December", "", "", "", "", ""]
$( "#semester" ).datepicker('setDate', new Date(2012,0,1));


.ui-datepicker-calendar {
    display: none;

Well, I can't post images yet, but it basically gives me a one-liner like "January-December ". Scrolling it to the right gives me "July-December 2012", and so on.

I call it using

<div id="semester" name="semester" class="date-picker"></div>

which inside a standard form with a standard Submit button.

Now, it looks just the way I want, since I don't want an <input type="text">but the problem is that this way the data isn't sent, according to print_r($_POST), but other elements in the form are. I'm obviously missing something here.

NOTE: I decided to use JQuery basically for design preference, since datepicker looks so neat. Although, I realize now that using JQuery for this was probably overkill, but since I've made it this far, I'd like to finish it.

Also, if someone has a better/less complicated and maybe even equally neat idea on how I can accomplish this, please tell me. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've found here in SO another topic in which the same problem I'm having is also present: See the answer. Apparently, there's no way to select the date once I hide the days. Perhaps the answer to this will include an event involving setDate? I'm at a loss.

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Div elements aren't included in form submissions, even with the name attribute. What you want to use is a hidden input, and have the value of this input change with your datepicker.

$( "#semester" ).datepicker({
    stepMonths: 6,
    nextText: "Next semester",
    prevText: "Previous semester",
    monthNames: ["January - June", "", "", "", "", "", "July - December", "", "", "", "", ""],
    onChangeMonthYear: function(year, month) {
        $('#semesterInput').val(month + ", " + year);


<div id="semester" class="date-picker"> </div>
<input type="hidden" id="semesterInput" name="semester" />

Also, see the jQuery Datepicker documentation.

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Your solution solved my problem only partially. You see, now when I print_r($_POST) I get an empty semester variable. I did some searching and my problem is pretty much the same as described in another topic. I've updated my answer with the SO link. –  Victor Oct 7 '12 at 15:30
@Victor is your onSelect function firing? Add an alert or console.log inside the function to see if the function is being called when you select a date –  tomaroo Oct 7 '12 at 16:50
@Victor Try the onChangeMonthYear event instead of onSelect –  tomaroo Oct 7 '12 at 16:54
onChangeMonthYear now gives me semester = <year>, but the month isn't showing. Almost there :P –  Victor Oct 7 '12 at 17:16
@Victor Cool, finding the proper event was the hard part. See the original answer above, it has been edited. The onChangeMonthYear event can take three arguments, the first two are the year and month. –  tomaroo Oct 7 '12 at 17:25

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