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I finish making my website and now I want to redesign the website to make it look fresh and modern. Rather than typing in "css glass login box" can I get some recommendations on sites where I can scavenge for design and "steal" code? I already use dribbble but those are just the graphics and not the code (although I have gotten a lot from the site).

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Use Chrome or Firefox to "inspect element"s that you like. Right-click on sites, click inspect element, and then you can see the CSS that makes the site look the way it does. I also highly recommend and for modern looks. Good luck.

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yah I already do that but the designs on dribbble sometimes aren't part of a site, rather just a picture/concept. So i need a place I can browse design/code – Charlie Yabben Oct 7 '12 at 3:53

The question is very "generic", but I'll answer with some designer's "common sense".

Good habits if you want to get ideas and improve your web design skills:

  1. Visit some good (good only, do not waste your time) theme/templates website (see also wordpress themes): (you can see live demos and inspect the code)

  2. Look for good blogs about webdesign tricks, here is a famous and good one:

  3. Make an ordered and long list of favorites with freelance designers and good design agencies from wherever in the world (only select the very best ones, based on your skills/taste), inspect their work and visit their sites often to get new ideas.

  4. While surfing, as soon as you see something you like, immediatly check the source code or inspect with Firebug.

  5. Study typography and design principles.

And, as usual, Google is your best friend. Have fun!

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