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i searched around stackoverflow and found out that cookie only can store string not array.

i have an array like this:

  var myvar = {
   'comment' : '123',
   'blog' : 'blog',
   'test' : '321

Then i use this jquery plugin to manage the cookies:

I use the below code to store the cookie named 'setting':

  $.cookie('setting',  myvar , { expires: 1, path: '/' });

However how do i convert that array into a string , i know i can use .join , but what if my array values for example comment , is a special character like Chinese characters etc.

and how can i access the cookie again and get the string out and convert it again into an array?

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That's an object (not an array). I'd suggest taking a look at this question/answer:… , it might help. – David Thomas Oct 7 '12 at 4:35
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To store an object in a cookie:

var myvar = {
   'comment' : '123',
   'blog' : 'blog',
   'test' : '321'

var serialized = JSON.stringify(myvar);

$.cookie('setting', serialized, { expires: 1, path: '/' });

To retrieve an object from a cookie :


See this answer for examples of JSON.stringify and JSON.parse.

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