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I'm trying to download modules using pypm and activestate.

PYPM is installing modules to %APPDATA%\Python on Windows. The activestate website says that if I want to install to c:\python32, it wont do it then "Unless the -g option is specified":

I have tried every combo in the terminal window. What does the -g command supposed to look like?

I have tried:

-g pypm install pycrypto
 pypm -g install pycrypto
 pypm  install -g pycrypto
 pypm  install  pycrypto -g

Unless the -g option is specified, packages are not installed into the ActivePython installation directory. Instead, PyPM follows the PEP 370 specification and installs packages by default in ~/.local on Unix and Mac and %APPDATA%\Python on Windows; and the Python interpreter automatically picks up the local packages. To find where the package was installed, use the show or files command.

What is the correct way? Is there an eaiser way to download modules (not manually)?

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Use pip tool:

pip install pycrypto
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