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I'm following a web.py tutorial that is using the web.py form module. Basically, this little app creates a form consisting of a text box, does some validation to make sure it's a number and that it's greater than 10, and decides if that number was odd or even. I'll post the code before the question as it'll be easier to understand.


import web
from web import form

urls = (
  '/', 'hello')

number_form = form.Form( 
             form.regexp('^-?\d+$', 'Not a number.'),
             form.Validator('Not greater than 10.', lambda x: int(x)>10),
             description='Enter a number greater than 10:'

app = web.application(urls, globals(), autoreload=True)

render = web.template.render('templates/')

class hello:
    def GET(self):
        my_form = number_form()
        return render.hello(my_form)

    def POST(self): 
        my_form = number_form() 
        if not my_form.validates(): 
            return render.hello(my_form)
            number = my_form['number'].value
            if int(number) % 2:
                return "Your number %s is odd." % number
            return "Your number %s is even." % number

if __name__ == "__main__":


$def with (form)
<form name="test" method="POST"> 
$if not form.valid: <p><b>Sorry, your input was invalid.</b></p> 
<input type="submit" value="Go" />

Now, my question is about the validators defined when I create number_form. If I were to change the line:

form.regexp('^-?\d+$', 'Not a number.'),

to something like:

form.regexp('^-?\d+$', 'Not          a           number.'),

the output doesn't change! It still just says Not a number. if it fails that validation. But if I change it to something like:

form.regexp('^-?\d+$', 'NOT A NUMBER.'),

it displays NOT A NUMBER., so I know it is interpreting that line, and that my changes actually took.

I've tried a few different strings, and it seems like it is truncating spaces or something; everything I've changed it to works fine, except adding things like spaces, newlines, tabs, etc.

What gives?

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Thats how browser displays your page, it considers any whitespace as a one space, unless you change white-space in css to pre.

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