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I am new to the concept of ZXing,so i want to know the step by step process to use the ZXing in android and i am using elicpse as IDE.Any one knows about it please help me.

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I think you need a more specific question than this. What specifically is your question? Ask at – Sean Owen Aug 18 '09 at 15:21
Check my detailed answer: How to use ZXing in Android app – Alexander Farber Jun 1 '15 at 12:05
Please check my answer… – Hitesh Sahu Jan 22 at 9:43

As advised by the moderator, I am posting what did to import zxing into my android app, on this post. Seems like many people refer to this post to get an answer for zxing.

The zxing guys have made it easier to create a android project with 1.7. Its not as painful as it used to be. This is a quick blog for anyone who would like to create a zxing project for android quickly.

  • Checkout the zxing sources from
  • Create a Android project on your eclipse
  • Delete main.xml
  • Right click on “src” directory and hit import. Browse to the following directories in the order mentioned. As you add them for import one by one, ensure that you have the src directory in the edit field of the import wizard. And that you select only the “com” directory on the left directory tree. Do not select src.
    • core
    • android-integration
    • android
    • Ensure that your android sdk version is 9, anything lesser and androidmanifest.xml will cry.
    • Strings.xml in one of the languages will crib, just put a / before the ‘ character

For the benefit of people,

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Damian Flannery's Blog was helpful and the only proper way to integrate it. Thanks. – Bronek Sep 26 '13 at 8:41

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