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There is a file i trying replace that contain special char





But when i try the below code

if ($handle = opendir($refolder)) {
  while (false !== ($entry = readdir($handle))) {
    $renameTHEfile = $entry;
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace("Ø","O",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace('ø','o',$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace(":","_",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace("!","",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace("'","",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace('"','',$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace(",","",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace("#","",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace("$","",$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace('/','',$renameTHEfile);
    $renameTHEfile = str_ireplace("?","",$renameTHEfile);

    $theoldfile_rename = $refolder . $entry;

    $thenewfile_rename = $refolder . $renameTHEfile;

    $cmd_renameit = 'move "' .$theoldfile_rename. '" "'.$thenewfile_rename .'"';

    echo $cmd_renameit;


The video file will output as


How to get it replace properly into , i also need replace the : with _


Thanks for helping.

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Consider using $renamed_name = strtr($original_name, array(':' => '_', '?' => '', ...)) to perform all the replacements at once. Use the second argument of exec to capture the output of the command and print it to the screen to see what goes wrong. –  DCoder Oct 7 '12 at 5:52

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Just make a function that renames upon your needs, you may consider something like this:

function rename_ani($name){
    $name = str_replace(array("Ø","ø"), "O", $name);
    $name = str_replace(":","_",$name);
    $name = str_replace(array("!","'",'"',",","#","$","/","?"),"",$name);
    return $name;

$anime = '[v]_CØDE:BREAKER_-_01_[gg][D00B1].mkv';
echo rename_ani($anime); // output: [v]_CODE_BREAKER_-_01_[gg][D00B1].mkv

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You have a space in the file. Escape it like: "\ " or some other character. In your case, just remove the space. str_replace(" ", "", $str)

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