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Sorry for the vauge title, I couldn't think of a better one. I am creating a sports tipping application. I have a games model that consists of teamA and teamB. I also have a 'tip' model that will consist of the game id and the team id that the user selects. A tip only relates to one team. (one to many).

What I want is a form that will list all open games with the 2 teams being check boxes that the user can select.
For example :


. teamA . teamB


.teamC . teamD

...... etc.

I want to know what is the correct 'rails' way of doing something like this ? I want to know the 'right' way of approaching something (for a change). What I am doing now seems to be on the way to working but it feels like there may be a better way.

My idea was to have the new method in my tips_controller pass the games to the form and then let the create method do the work of creating several 'tips'. I am looking at the nested_form gem but am not exactly sure that this will fit https://github.com/ryanb/nested_form .

Thankyou for any ideas, I am new to ruby on rails.

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After reading your other question here I think you could do with spending some time on railscasts (or similar) learning the basics.

In particular Ryan's done some great tutorials about nested forms:



And also a few about has many relationships

Good luck

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