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I am using this code for sending data to controller, but i want to pass one more parameter say birthDate how can I pass it using below syntax ???

jQuery("#patient").jqGrid('setGridParam', {url : "totalPatientList.html?pid=" + $('#byId').val()});

plz help me soon....

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This should work

jQuery("#patient").jqGrid('setGridParam', {url : "totalPatientList.html?pid=" + $('#byId').val() +"&birthDate="+$("#birthDateId").val() });
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@balkrushn: I would recommend you to use url: "totalPatientList.html", postData: { pid: function () { return $('#byId').val(); }, birthDate: function () { return $("#birthDateId").val(); }}. In the case the functions will be called on every request to the server and you will have the current values be sent. See the answer for more details. If you would do prefer direct encoding of parameters in URL you should use encodeURIComponent($("#birthDateId").val()) instead of $("#birthDateId").val(). –  Oleg Oct 7 '12 at 9:03

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