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Im looking for some help with a page views counter in php.

suppose when user viewing a profile page and spend minimun 10 seconds time on that page then i have to calculate view as 1... so how to do that??

I have stored all profile details in a database and all pulled through the same template page, like profile.php?id=12345.

can anybody give me sample example

I tried it something like this..

$query = mysql_query(" UPDATE views SET views + 1 WHERE id = '$id' ");
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What have you tried? – xdazz Oct 7 '12 at 6:17
Add a Javascript script which waits 10 seconds and then posts to a PHP script that records the view. – Vulcan Oct 7 '12 at 6:19
your query is invalid anyways, ... set views=views+1 ... – Marc B Oct 7 '12 at 6:39

You can track individual users to your site by using PHP Sessions

then for each load of the page you can put a temporary record in the database and after a set period of time, you mentioned 10 seconds, send an AJAX call to a script that confirms the record as a view.

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You can send an ajax request to your server after 10 seconds has passed.

Please check Timing events.

Then send an ajax request to your server after your specified time.

Upon receiving the request at server, you can do your own stuffs like updating the counter or whatever you wish.

Checking your updated question, i believe you need correction in your query. It will be like:

$query = mysql_query(" UPDATE views SET views = views + 1 WHERE id = '$id' ");

However, you SHOULD escape your $id.

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I have a poor knowledge in AJAX.. can anybody give me a solution along with php and mysql – Priyanka Kumara Oct 7 '12 at 6:26
It's simple. However, if you want to improve yourself, please try something and post it back. We will try to help you then. Just make a get/post to a page that will update the counting like: $.get(''). Replace '111' with your current page ID and domain, pages etc. accordingly. – HungryCoder Oct 7 '12 at 6:37

Also, you can refer this script, which uses $_SERVER and gets your count dumped in the MySQL.

A simple PHP Page Count would be this way:

    $countfile = ("countfile.txt");
    $hits = file($countfile);
    $hits[0] ++;
    $fp = fopen($countfile , "w");
    fputs($fp , "$hits[0]");
    echo $hits[0];
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