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I am trying to update db when the app the online, it is working fine, i want to reload the tableview once the update is finished. I am using a custom delegate to make that happen, but on my tableviewcontroller, the delegate method is never called.


@protocol DBJsonUpdateComplete
  -(void) updateFinished;

@interface UpdateDbJson : NSOperation {
    NSMutableData *responseData;
    NSURLConnection *connect;
    id <DBJsonUpdateComplete> delegate;

@property (strong, nonatomic) id <DBJsonUpdateComplete> delegate;


.m i call when update is finished.

@synthesize delegate;

[delegate updateFinished];

In my taleviewcontroller


UITableViewController <DBJsonUpdateComplete> 


- (void) updateFinished  {
    [self addReloadButton:YES];

but the updateFinished never gets called, everything is working fine except the delegate method.

am i not doing it correctly? please help? how can i debug ?


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Did you assign the delegate? i mean...please check that first...

updateDbJsonObject.delegate = self;
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yes, i missed that, thanks a lot. –  Deepak ML Oct 7 '12 at 7:33
you are welcome...silly issue, i still missed that... whatever cheers :) –  makboney Oct 7 '12 at 7:40

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