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I am working on developing a recommendation system that is going to use data from facebook. Rightnow I am trying to build dataset for the project. The idea is:

Say our user A (the one to be recommended) has 200 friends F(A). Now the list of all the movies liked by the all the friends is generated. This list is say M. M is going to exclude the likes of A himself. Now say M has a cardinality of 300. For each of the 300 movies I plan on building an SVM classifier using LIBSVM. The test data is going to be the feature vectors of the each friend. The ones who have liked the movie are going to be in positive class while the ones who have not mentioned it are going to in negative class. The test data is going to be the user A's feature vector. The idea is to predict whether A is going to like the movie or not. Further I also I want to find out the margin for each of movie so that I can use it as an score to rank the movie.

Now the problem is I am not sure if limited amount of test data ,just one feature vector with dimension of around 630, is going to effect the efficiency of LIBSVM. Do you need more test data as well for SVM to predict well? I know limited training data does have an impact but not sure if limited test data will result in imprecise classification.

Another question: I also plan on finding the margin of the test point from the hyperplane. I am not sure if LIBSVM gives this margin. The margin is going to be score according to which the movies are going to be ranked. If you think there are any other ways around recommending using the same data, instead of training an svm for each movie, I am really looking forward to it.

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The lack of test data does not affect your ability to predict well, it affects you ability to know whether you are predicting well. In your case, with one test point you simply will not know whether your results(whether good or bad) will generalize to other users. I think you should have at least ~50 users to train and test on.

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