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I'm trying to build an android app based loosely on the project located called Maxima on Android (it's open source).

Basically, I have a native binary and a config file that I copy from the assets folder and run using ProcessBuilder. I have two classes, one for the main activity (MainActivity) and one for handling the commands (CommandExec). CommandExec has a function for starting the binary and another one for sending it commands.

It takes a long time (about 15 seconds) for the binary to start up, but once it's started it can run a bunch of commands and doesn't need to start again. Because of this initial delay, I want to handle the interactions with this binary in another thread so as not to block the UI thread. I've gotten this to work with a single command, but not with more than one at a time. The problem is, they need to run one-at-a-time so they don't interfere with each other.

My question is this: How can I send the binary multiple commands from the main class and receive responses in the main class without blocking or starting more than one instance of the binary?

I've tried a whole bunch of different things without getting exactly what I want. If anyone could advise me, maybe write some sample code, I'd really appreciate it.

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