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I have this strftime function to display dates:

        echo strftime('
        <div class="vecka">%a</div> 
        <div class="dag">%d</div> 
        <div class="man">%b</div>


I have set setlocale to: setlocale(LC_TIME,"swedish"); And the script does output the Swedish names for the month and day, but without the Swedish signs å, ä, ö which are substituted with a, a, o.

So måndag (monday in English) becomes mandag, lördag (saturday) becomes lordag, and so on...

It looks like's there's some problems with the utf8-encoding, so I tried to wrap it all in utf8_encode but with no result. The script does work on my local machine with xampp. The live server, where the script doesn't work, is debian.

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I answer late, but it might help people who stumble upon this.

Add ".UTF-8" in the language parameter.

Example :

setlocale(LC_TIME, "fr_FR.UTF-8");
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All hail you :) –  Clement Herreman Mar 6 '14 at 16:07

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