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I try to integrate AdWhirl into my app. I do everything from the Internet and nothing success now. It just shows

10-07 16:25:42.183: I/dalvikvm(628): Failed resolving Lcom/adwhirl/adapters/MdotMAdapter;
 interface 1374 'Lcom/mdotm/android/ads/MdotMView$MdotMActionListener;'
 10-07 16:25:42.183: W/dalvikvm(628): Link of class 'Lcom/adwhirl/adapters/MdotMAdapter;' failed

I checked Android Dependencies in Java Build Path, did remove/add all jar in libs folder, but still no luck at all. Could you give me some advices?

My system info:

Eclipse Helios 3.7.

ADT r20.

Testing device: Emulator 2.3.3.

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I have the same problem. I hope solution will be founded – Ilya_Gazman May 27 '13 at 6:54

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try to use cleanup from source in eclipse Right click project >> source>> cleanup

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