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I have created an array which is being used to store a series of .gif images and I'm just trying to test everything out by using document.getElementById to change the .src value but when I change it and load the page the image stays the same as it was before.

    function setImage()
    var images = new Array();
    images[0] = anemone.gif; 
    images[1] = ball.gif;
    images[2] = crab.gif;
    images[3] = fish2.gif;
    images[4] = gull.gif;
    images[5] = jellyfish.gif;
    images[6] = moon.gif;
    images[7] = sail.gif;
    images[8] = shell.gif;
    images[9] = snail.gif;
    images[10] = sun.gif;
    images[11] = sunnies.gif;
    images[12] = whale.gif;

    var slots = new Array();
    slots[0] = document.getElementById("slot" + 0);
    slots[1] = document.getElementById("slot" + 1);
    slots[2] = document.getElementById("slot" + 2);
    slots[0].src = "snail.gif";
    document.getElementById('slot0').src = images[0];

I can't understand why the image wont change, but I know it has to be something very simple. I've been wasting hours trying to get this one thing to change but nothing works. can anyone please point out the error of my ways?

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Your filenames need to be strings, quote them like 'anemone.gif' –  m90 Oct 7 '12 at 10:02
I've updated them with quotes and still no change :) –  Nathan Alexander Goodger Oct 7 '12 at 10:04
Are you actually calling your function? In case yes, are you doing that on DOMReady or something similar? Are the elements that you are storing in slots actually image nodes? Do you get error messages in your console? –  m90 Oct 7 '12 at 10:07
the function is being called yes, I'm assuming that because I dont know what DOMReady is that I'm not using it, and I THINK the elements are image nodes, and there are no errors in firebug. This is an example of one of the slots in the code- <img id="slot0" class=slot src="crab.gif" width="120" height=80> –  Nathan Alexander Goodger Oct 7 '12 at 10:09
When you put a piece of JS just somewhere in your document it will be executed immediately. In this case it might happen that the browser is still working on the creation of the DOM, therefore the elements you are trying to select (getElementById) do not exist yet, so your function call does nothing. Easiest plain JS way to have your browser wait until the page has been created would be using window.onload = setImage; but this is a pretty complex area, read a little about it here: developer.mozilla.org/de/docs/DOM/window.onload –  m90 Oct 7 '12 at 10:15

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There are a couple of issues with your code:

Your filenames need to be Strings, so they'll have to be quoted (also you can simplify the Array creation):

var images = ['anemone.gif', 'ball.gif', 'crab.gif', 'fish2.gif', 'gull.gif', 'jellyfish.gif', 'moon.gif', 'sail.gif', 'shell.gif', 'snail.gif', 'sun.gif', 'sunnies.gif', 'whale.gif'];

Also make sure you are getting your slot-elements right, quote all the attributes like:

<img id="slot0" class="slot" src="crab.gif" width="120" height="80">

When you create the slots-Array you can do it like this (no need to concat the ID string):

var slots = [document.getElementById('slot0'), document.getElementById('slot1'), document.getElementById('slot2')];

Finally make sure you call your function when the document has loaded / the DOM is ready. If you don't want to use a framework like jQuery your easiest bet is probably still using window.onload:

window.onload = setImage; //note that the parens are missing as you want to refer to the function instead of executing it

Further reading on Arrays, window.onload and DOMReady:

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