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In my module.js I have

var Stream = require('stream');

module.exports = function () {
  var stream = new Stream();

  stream.readable = true;

  stream.emit('data', 'some stuff')

  return stream;

and in my index.js

var module = require('./module')


substack's example from the stream handbook is working just fine. Why doesn't my code show anything in the command line?

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Because you are emitting data before calling pipe, and 'data' listener is attached after first 'data' event is fired

EventEmitter's calls are synchronous (as almost everything else non-IO in node.js)

A bit simplified version of

stream.emit('data', 'some stuff')

without EventEmitter could be rewritten as

stream.listeners = [];
// 'emit' call
var ondata = stream.listeners.data;
if (ondata) {
   // only one listener case in the example
   ondata('some stuff');
// 'pipe' call
stream.listeners.data = function(buff) {
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could you give an example? –  zemirco Oct 7 '12 at 13:13

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