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I have an item that has got a rank field that has to be build from analyzing other item class. I don't want to use database or other backend to store them - I just need to access all currently scraped items and do some itertools magic on them - how can I do this after spider finishes but before we export data (so rank field won't be empty)?

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I think signals might help. I did something similar here


It seems kind of hacky but In your spider you can create a property which will store all your Scraped items. In your pipeline you can register a method to Be called on spider closed signal. This method takes a spider instance as parameter. You can then access the spider property that contains all your scraped items

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This pipeline will make sure all Items have a rank.

class MyPipeline(object):

    def process_item(self, item, spider):
        item['rank'] = item.get('rank') or '1'
        return item
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