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I have another problem with sql queries running as I expect in PHPMyadmin, but when I add the sql to my PHP script, it does not work as expected.

This is the formula of my sql:

        table1.title AS Title,
        table1.startdate AS StartDate,
        table1.enddate AS EndDate,
        table1.type AS Type,
        table2.image AS ImagePath
        table3.colour AS Colour
        FROM table1
        table1 LEFT JOIN table2 table2 ON =
               LEFT JOIN table3 table3 ON =
        WHERE Type LIKE 'E' AND StartDate >= DATE(NOW()) AND EndDate >= DATE(NOW()) 
        ORDER BY StartDate ASC

I get 23 results returned in PHPMyadmin which is correct - but when I add the sql to my PHP and run it, I get duplicate entries and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Any ideas?

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Is you code accessing the DB with the same db-user as you do in PhpMyAdmin ? Could you show the php code ? – Antoine Claval Aug 14 '09 at 9:13

It would appear that it is not the SQL that is the issue - We have inherited a drupal site and there is a function that seems to executing more than once, causing the sql to be executed multiple times.

Better get digging to find out the issue!

Thanks anyway guys!

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