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Am working in message based iPhone app. I have added UITextView to show the messages typed by the user. This app allows the user to copy the messages. Whenever the user selects the messages in the bubbles the Copy option showing in middle of UITextView. How to show the Copy option in Top of the TextView?

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Can anyone please help me to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Gopinath, this is in-built. You cannot change the default behavior. One option could be to write your own custom TextView which would show the copy option at the top. A workaround could be this:

Just let the user select the text (disable showing 'copy' in the UITextView) You add a button at the top of the bubble When the user selects the text & clicks on your UIButton 'copy', then copy whatever is the selection programmatically in your own method.

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Thank you so much for your answer. If you don't mind could you please recommend any good tutorial to do implement the custom UIMenuController in my app? I can't find a good tutorial for this issue? Thanks. –  Gopinath Oct 7 '12 at 13:43

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