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I am looking at Java/J2EE hosting options. I looked around and found AWS and more but Heroku seems to fit well for me. Especially because of the clarity and documentation.

But going through their docs, I came across the "Prerequisites" and it said that :

> Your application must run on the OpenJDK version 6, or 7 (8 is also available in beta).

Does it mean I cannot host my web-app which is compiled in Sun JDK 1.6?

Using : Sun Java 1.6, JSF-2, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL

I just want to know if my web-app with the above specifications can be hosted in Heroku.

Thanks, Akshat

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OpenJDK 6 is compatible with Sun JDK 1.6 so you should be fine. If that doesn't work for you can could bring your own JDK with you to Heroku.

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