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I am working on algorithm to solve the following in javascript. In head "1:2,3,4,6,5" there are "6" and "5" tails and these tails are also available in higher rank head i.e. in "2:5,6" therefore 6 and 5 should be remove from lower head i.e. "1: ". As all tail values should be uniquely present by head.

Input Array

in = ["1:2,3,4,6,5", "2:5,6", "3:7,8,9"] 

desired output

out = ["1:2,3,4", "2:5,6", "3:7,8,9"] 

Iteration is only way I can think of this. What are the best way to solve this ? Thanks.

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First sort the lists by their heads. Then travel through the sorted lists in the reverse order. When visiting a list record all the tail elements present in the list. If a tail element was already seen before, remove it from the current list. You can record whether an element is visited or not by using a hash table.

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Thanks for hashtable idea in this situation. I can able to work like this. – Pujan Srivastava Oct 7 '12 at 15:19

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